foralice is an authentication of handbags created with eco-friendly concept and made in Indonesia.
The range of material used from rattan, pandanus, canvas, denim, and leather.

foralice is manufacturing the handbags with Indonesian outworkers from their own homes under sufficient supervision to get the right quality of the handbags.

foralice supplies to Retail and Wholesale customers, but all ranges are limited numbers.

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foralice collections.
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foralice is originally two words.

The word for [fər], just like when you say “for you” and Alice [álliss], the girl’s name, like Alice in Wonderland.

Well… It is supposed to be written with a space, but we would prefer to write it as foralice, just please read is as : fər álliss


[4] What does Encarta say?

tote [tōt]

transitive verb (past and past participle tot·ed, present participle tot·ing, 3rd person present singular totes) (informal)

carry something: to carry or haul something, especially something heavy

have something on your person: to carry something, especially a gun, on your person

noun (plural totes)

heavy load: a heavy load that is hauled or carried

soft bag: a large soft bag with handles

[Late 17th century. Origin ?]

tot·er, noun

Tote in the sense "to carry something" is a general-currency term throughout the Southern states. Probably of West African origin, the form extends across the South Midland region as well, including similar Western forms in the Rocky Mountain states.

Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

What does WIKIPEDIA say?

A tote bag is a large handheld bag or purse that is used to carry things, such as books, beach wear, or everyday items. A tote bag is normally made of treated canvas, nylon or heavy pebbled leather. Some totes come with a zipper compartment that divides the bag into sections. The term tote, meaning "to carry" can be traced back to the 17th century but was not used to describe bags until 1900.

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[3] What does Encarta say?

back·pack [bák pàk]
noun (plural back·packs)

1. hikers' knapsack: a large sturdy fabric bag, often on a metal frame, worn on the back and used by hikers
2. students' book bag: a knapsack used to carry schoolbooks, school supplies, or personal items
3. equipment carried on back: a carrier for a piece of equipment such as an astronaut's personal life-support system that is designed to be strapped on the user's back
verb (past and past participle back·packed, present participle back·pack·ing, 3rd person present singular back·packs)

1. intransitive verb hike with backpack: to travel, especially hike, carrying belongings or supplies in a backpack
  • She spent a month backpacking in the Rockies.
  • 2. transitive verb carry something on back: to transport something, usually equipment or supplies, in a pack on the back
  • astronauts backpacking oxygen during a spacewalk
  • -back·pack·er, noun

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


    Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Handbag Purse Wallet Tote Bag Designer

    Everybody carries a bag, all kinds of bag. Affordable ones; expensive ones, big, small; seasonal, classic; new, vintage. If you think only women carry a bag, think again. What do you call the black thing that your boyfriend slings over his shoulder to carry his laptop? Laptop carrying case, of course, which is actually a laptop "bag."

    Children always carry their books and learning essentials in backpacks with Disney characters on them. Shoppers have those cute shopping totes with their favorite stores' logos on them. Now cell phones have their own cases as well. Oh, iPods, too.

    Of course, the two basic skills that you need to have as a handbag designer are definitely design skills and business skills. While the former sounds more important than the latter, it’s actually the other way around. Design skills only comprise of 20% of a designer’s success, while the determining factors are actually the business skills (80%). If you have a slightly above-average design for your handbag, but with strong business skills, it can be a big hit.

    Authenticity is key. Of course, you don't need to invent the wheel, just be original, innovative and unique with your designs. Now if you think you're not that creative to break into and succeed as a handbag designer, think again.

    Unconvinced? Have you ever seen those backpacks, box purses made of recycled cigar boxes and plain leather handbags that sell like hot cakes, but they’re actually not so creative designwise? Those are “classic” designs, which usually sell very well but don’t require super-creativity.

    Another advantage of being a handbag designer is that you don't need to worry about seasonal trends, unlike apparel designs that change every season. You still keep (or even carry it everyday to work) that Hermes handbag you bought two years ago, right?

    It seems to have that timeless appeal and complement most outfits. Your designs can be like that too. You can choose to design bags that can be worn over and over again. From business point of you, it means you don't need to worry about producing new items before the old ones are sold out.

    If the notion of designing, sewing, manufacturing and promoting your own handbag line sounds intimidating, there are "industry secret" forces to help you out:

    Contract technical designers (they turn your ideas into technical patterns and prototypes)

    Contract manufacturers (send them your design and measurements, they will manufacturer it for you)

    Sales representatives and distributors (they help finding retailers to carry your products)

    Fashion weeks and trade shows (they help you getting exposure to buyers and fellow designers)

    Fashion publicists (these specialists can help you getting the media exposure needed in market penetration)

    With those professionals helping you out all the way from inception to distribution, all you need is some creative juices and unique ideas that distinguish your designing style from the rest of the crowd.

    As a handbag designer, you have the choice to design the following items using a variety of raw materials, such as leather, fabric, plastic, wood and their combinations:

    Evening Bag
    Leather Purse
    Fabric Purse
    Box Purse
    Leather Wallet
    Tote Bag
    Cosmetics Bag
    Sports Bag
    Laptop Carrying Bag
    Travel Bag
    Beach Bag

    In a nutshell, if you have the drive to succeed and somewhat creative (no need to be "super creative"), you're very likely to succeed in this career. Of course, as a designer you need to continuously upgrading your skills and network with like-minded people, which can be really fun.

    As it goes without saying, as a handbag designer, you can enjoy:
    The privileges of being a part of the glamorous, exciting and highly lucrative fashion industry

    Working closely with professionals that fuel the whole industry
    Earning anywhere from $30,000+ to millions of dollars annually

    Do you know?

    Luxury goods produced $525 billion in sales in the United States last year
    44% of women aged 13 and over bought a purse for themselves or for someone else
    On average, women bought 3 handbags per year
    On average, women own 6 handbags, younger women own fewer than 6 and older women own more
    40% of women over 55 own 7 or more handbags, the highest ownership of all age segments
    Amount spent for a handbag ranges from about $40 to $65
    Women are reported spending $42, on average, for their most recent handbag and $54, on average, for the bag they carry most often
    Upscale handbag buyers or those willing to spend $150 or more for a handbag, represent about one in ten of those women who purchased a handbag in the past year
    Coach makes about $1.4 billion in sales a year
    Vuitton is responsible for 25% of LVMH's $13.5 billion revenues

    Authors : Jennie S. Bev & Vicki Zolenski

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    [2] What does Encarta say?

    clutch [kluch]
    verb (past and past participle clutched, present participle clutch·ing, 3rd person present singular clutch·es)

    1. transitive verb hold something tightly: to grip something tightly
    2. intransitive verb make grabbing movement: to try to grab hold of something
    3. intransitive verb operate clutch: to engage the clutch of a motor vehicle
    noun (plural clutch·es)
    1. mechanism that connects shafts: a device that enables two rotating shafts to be connected and disconnected smoothly, especially one in a motor vehicle that transmits power from the engine to the transmission
    2. pedal activating clutch: the pedal that activates the clutch in a motor vehicle
    3. controlling power: control and influence (often used in the plural)
  • We were plainly in his clutches.
  • 4. crucial moment: a crucial moment in a critical situation (informal)
  • The clutch came in the seventh inning.
  • 5. grip on something: a tight grip on something

    dependable: dependable, or accomplished at precisely the right moment
    [14th century. Variant of obsolete clitch "to bend, grasp" <>clyccan "to grasp"]

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


    Root of Word : foralice

    foralice is originally two words.

    The word for [fər], just like when you say “for you” and Alice [álliss], the girl’s name, like Alice in Wonderland.

    Well… It is supposed to be written with a space, but we would prefer to write it as foralice, just please read is as : r álliss

    Ps : Alice is also city in Southeastern Texas, west of Corpus Christi.

    Population: 19,445 (2004 estimate)

    Source : Microsoft Encarta 2007